How it Works


Pedagogical ownership is a teacher’s greatest asset. With multiple import options for creating and delivering content, they can: create their own lessons and assignments from scratch; choose from a rich tapestry of templates and widgets; or access Common Core Standards. Our unique authoring feature also benefits publishers, helping them create state-of-the-art adaptive learning applications.


Getting the right feedback to students (at the right time) means more than a grade—it has a lasting influence on how they learn. We also know that having their peers join in on the conversation makes assignments easier to digest, leaving students with a better understanding of the course goals. Teachers can also participate in a peer-to-peer collaboration network where they can share their content or request feedback.


Learning styles differ from person to person, and a student’s success is shaped by their learning journey. Personalized and adaptive learning allows educators to find the best possible instructional approach for individuals—helping them exceed even the most ambitious course proficiency expectations.


Give educators complete control of everyday goals and larger course objectives. They can seamlessly assign interactive lessons so every student knows what’s next. Spend less time thinking about or planning tasks, and more time getting things done. 


Learning is a recursive process of analyzing information, practicing problems, engaging texts, and seeing things from a new perspective. With Snapwiz’s contextualized learning tools, educators can provide one-on-one collaborative mentorship while identify where students need the most help in their learning process. 


Learning what students know made simpler. Examine a panoramic view of how they learn, or drill-down with granular analytics to understand the finer points of their performance, problem areas, and learning styles. Everyone involved—students, instructors, and administrators—can leverage invaluable data insights to make a positive impact on learning outcomes.

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-Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics
For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.