At Snapwiz we empower educators with all-inclusive adaptive and collaborative learning assessment tools. With these intuitive assessment tools, we make evaluation simple: view how students interact with content from beginning to end, and provide them with the right feedback at the right time. Educators can also view student learning behaviors with real-time class performance data—testing what works and targeting crucial problem areas. Our intuitive tools help them organize and diversify their teaching strategies so they can craft personalized learning experiences for each of their students. The power to customize interactive and adaptive lessons—along with contextual assignments—is at their finger tips.

K-12 educator? You'll love our Common Core alignment.

Simplify assessments: view question types & assessment tools.
  • Educators can craft adaptive courseware with intuitive WYSIWYG tools
  • They have the ability to handpick and integrate collaborative & adaptive widgets
  • Review lesson pages, keep track of assignments, and move lessons to an Assignment Cart with ease
  • Organize and curate instructor collaboration notes
  • Promote learning-by-doing and balance context-aware social learning with adaptive technology
  • Discover the best blended learning pathway to help each student improve their comprehension
  • See how the class performs as a whole, or drill down to target misconceptions and problems areas individuals struggle with
  • With a transparent Course Stream, educators can interact with students during any point in their assignments
  • Utilize a collaborative learning network to connect administrators, publishers, and other instructors who are testing their lesson plan efficacy
Teacher Dashboard
1-Engagement report-Instructor
Actionable Reporting
  • Educators have a wealth of reports at their fingertips: Proficiency, Metacognitive, Productivity, Most Challenging Activities, & Engagement
  • There’s no better way to gain multiple and layered insights into how their content is working—ranging from memorability to effectiveness 
  • With Metacognitive reports, educators monitor learning processes and gain objective, self-reflective, insights concerning student comprehension
  • View student performance for each assignment & quiz with a comprehensive Gradebook
  • Test and retest combinations: see how students interactive with your content from beginning to end
  • Test what works: understand student learning behavior with powerful real-time analytics
Educator Collaboration
  • There’s a new way to observe your colleagues in action: newer faculty can find online mentorship, & seasoned instructors can compare their adaptive methodologies 
  • Instructors can share content easily—collaborating on lesson plans & rubrics to refine their teaching process
  • The learning spaces model allows instructors to repurpose content, sharing or gaining access to a repository full of tested approaches