J. Michael Cline

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J. Michael Cline utilizes his years of technical experience and strong knowledge of the financial and technology sectors to initiate new investments and support leading companies that generate incremental value for their clients. Cline’s accomplishments include the inception of Exult, Xchanging, Fandango, and Accretive Health, where J. Michael Cline currently serves as Chairman of the Board. In addition to his demanding duties with Accretive LLC, J. Michael Cline serves as a Board Member at Accretive Health, Accolade, Arise, AlphaStaff, and Roamware. J. Michael Cline and his team at Accretive LLC are committed to philanthropic giving and donate 10 percent of their profits to charity every year. A generous sponsor of various causes related to defending the environment, J. Michael Cline contributes to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. He also acts as Trustee with Panthera, and chairs the Tigers Forever initiative. Furthermore, J. Michael Cline serves on the boards of Endeavor Global and the Harvard Business School’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur and investor with an esteemed record of accomplishment, J. Michael Cline received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and his Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.