Adaptive Wonder

artscienceThings change quickly. Education is no different. The face of education will never be the same because of one simple fact: in the not-so-distant future every education-based application will be adaptive. 

Recent research—equipped with proofs that adaptive learning models work—forecast that adaptive learning solutions will become a normal part of the education experience. 

“Government entities and the highly influential Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have expressed interest in accelerating the adoption of adaptive learning…a tipping point may only be a few years away, where adaptive learning becomes a standard and expected offering rather than a relative rarity.”

—Steve Oxman & William Wong, Adaptive Learning Systems


Snapwiz is more...

Curriculumn Iconthan just a powerful adaptive learning platform—it allows anyone involved in education (from students to administrators) to access or create never-before-seen assessment and collaborative learning spaces.

Adaptive learning will become the norm, but we’re already creating something entirely new. There’s no other solution platform that brings together assessment insights, sleek authoring tools, and contextualized collaboration into one personalized adaptive learning space.

To learn more about how adaptive learning works, and the benefits of assessment and collaborative learning spaces, read our curated White Paper research and visit the Snapwiz blog.  

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