We help educators deliver personalized learning experiences that last a lifetime

Implementing successful personalized learning strategies means sharing knowledge with a vibrant community of parents, educators, administrators, and students. We understand that improving students’ learning experiences—so they can reach their full potential—takes time, teamwork, and attention to detail. We created our personalized adaptive and collaborative learning tools so students can cultivate a deeper understanding of their own learning process with the help of their parents and mentors. This tiny slice of personal knowledge lasts a lifetime for students—beginning with  K-12 achievement, and leading to critical thought and personal prosperity in Higher Education (and their professional lives).

Time Management

There are 8765 hours in year yet educators only get anywhere from approximately 3-5 hours a week with their students. What’s the best way to maximize this limited class time?

Unique Classroom Environments

Every classroom is different just like every student is different. Yet, on average, the public school student-teacher ratio is 16:1. Still, we understand that each educator faces a different teaching environment with unique odds—and pedagogical problems—to overcome.

Pedagogical Improvement

What matters most? Educators become increasingly more relevant when they have the freedom to leverage technology solutions that refine their teaching strategies and methodologies. Our tools allow them to deliver enhanced learning experiences in less time without compromising their personal instruction styles and needs.

One-of-a-Kind Solutions

Snapwiz has a solution: Take a great leap forward with our seamless features built to help educators streamline their teaching process. Give your pedagogy and practice the necessary space to evolve.

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